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The best part of falling...

is when someone is there to catch you

Chuck Beef
16 December 1986
My name is chuck, im 21 years old and i am just now begining the journey to do something with my life. I've traveled the world, found the love of my life, lost many things, and gained twice as many. I lived in germany for two years but now i am back in San Diego working for costco and working on going to school for nursing. I look to make friends with any and everyone, unless theres a good reason i dont want to be your friend. But I love to have fun, i love being the center of attention, im a goofball, but with a serious heart. I always hope to be the person people can turn to. And I strive to be the best at everything. I LOVE video games, especially RPGs and world of warcraft. This is me, and if you decided to keep up with my journal you just might learn even more about me.